Case Study

Driving Solutions with Teamwork

Driving Solutions with Teamwork

Driving Solutions with Teamwork

Client: Acción Performance

To help companies achieve operational objectives, Acción Performance designs client-centric labor solutions for services such as kitting and assembly, product packaging, and display building. 

As a sub-company of Morales Group, Acción needed to focus their initiatives to match the growth of their parent company. Their sales pitch was complicated, and they needed a more efficient way to describe their process to prospective customers. A rebrand and new website would give Acción the opportunity to re-evaluate their voice and streamline their client solutions.

Working together

Our strategy meeting with Acción revealed several requirements for the logo and brand:

  • The brand should appeal to two audiences within an organization: Human Resources (HR) and Directors of Operation. HR is concerned with the financial and labor requirements that would fall on their company. Directors of Operations will be asking who Acción has worked with in the past and if they can provide an efficient solution.
  • The logo should visually connect to their parent company.
  • The brand should feel experienced and trustworthy yet edgy.

The solution was a mark comprised of shapes working together to build a monogram A. This concept is a nod to the teamwork that drives results at Acción. It also pulls inspiration from their parent company logo that uses rotating shapes to build their mark. A triangle was pulled from the new Acción mark and used as the accent indicator over the o” in the wordmark. To connect with their parent company, a descriptor tagline (A MORALES GROUP COMPANY) was added to the right of the Acción logo.



Logo with Descriptor

A color palette of reds and oranges was chosen to represent their vibrant, globally diverse team. Bold, geometric patterns were created as secondary imagery to be used when photography is not available.

Shape Pattern

Line Pattern

After discussions with the Acción team, it was clear that the website needed to acquire new sales, establish credibility, and educate their clients.

These objectives helped structure the site and content map to include the following:

  1. A new case study section
    Individual case studies report the challenge and solution for each client. This allows Acción to demonstrate past experience, showcase tailored solutions, and calculate results per project.
  2. A sales campaign landing page
    A flexible landing page allows their sales team to create a new private page on the website for individual sales meetings or events.
  3. Client testimonials
    Testimonials are a great validation tool that can reassure prospective first-time clients and establish credibility in your market. Acción’s client testimonials were spread throughout the website to keep positive experiences top of mind.
  4. A simplified services list
    Their services were simplified down to an easy-to-read list that used industry terms familiar to their clients. This list was placed on high-traffic pages to ensure that we were educating prospective clients along the way.

The website design incorporated bold floods of color, geometric brand patterns, and dynamic color gradients on feature photography.

Iconography was created to represent their process and key benefits.


Be a light.

This rebrand gave the Acción team a chance to explore how they could improve their sales process and how they should connect with their parent company. This path of self-discovery allowed them to come together and grow the brand to its full potential.

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