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The Art & Science Behind the PDG Brand

The Art & Science Behind the PDG Brand

The Art & Science Behind the PDG Brand

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Should my company rebrand? This is a common question we hear in almost every new business conversation, including our first meeting with Briana Dunkin, Principal — Designer at Parallel Design Group (PDG). What started as a kick off meeting for new marketing collateral, quickly turned into an engaging conversation about when/​why a company should rebrand.

Science & Data

Co-motion presented the following five questions:

  1. Has your company evolved since your brand was originally established?
  2. Does your brand still represent who you are and where you are going?
  3. Has your brand prevented you from landing a new business opportunity?
  4. Is your reputation stronger than your brand?
  5. Does your brand stand out from the competition?

Parallel’s team was expanding, and Briana was considering leasing their first commercial office space within the next 6 – 12 months. As the Parallel portfolio grew, their reputation quickly exceeded the reach of their current brand. They had amazing case studies and client testimonials, but nowhere to showcase them to an audience. They needed a brand that reflected who they were and where they were going.

Art & Design

The existing Parallel logo had sentimental value and was already floating around the Indianapolis market. As a group, we decided that an evolution of the current logo was best. Similar to Parallel’s approach of balancing art and science, the new logomark needed to be equal parts form and function. As we explored different executions, we landed on a final logomark comprised of geometric shapes that formed both the letter P” (for Parallel) and an abstract space plan. The dual concept allows Parallel to tell a bigger story when asked: What is the meaning behind your logo?”

Portfolio Book

Portfolio Book

The Parallel color palette shifted from blue-gray and chartreuse to charcoal with soft neutrals. This update allows the brand colors to recede and project photography to stand out on the website and in marketing collateral. The brand colors were also color-matched to four different paper stocks (white, light gray, charcoal, and light pink) to fit each target client.

Business Cards

From our initial discovery meeting, Co-motion was impressed with the amount of science and data that Parallel put into each project before opening their design software. We knew this process was a gamechanger and would be incredibly valuable to potential clients. For this reason, in addition to the final design, we decided to present the science and data side on the website and in marketing collateral.

Portfolio Book

Portfolio Book

And, a new brand isn’t complete without swag waiting on everyone’s desk the morning of their launch party. This small touch goes a long way in building team morale and getting everyone excited about the new direction of the company. Each Parallel team member was gifted business cards, pens, sketch pads, note pads, and water bottles decked out in the new brand.


Team Gear

The Results

Parallel had the vision, drive, and talent to succeed. This rebrand simply opened the door to allow potential clients and industry peers to see what was already there. Since their brand launch over two years ago, Parallel has doubled in size (2016 – 2019), significantly expanded their client list, and received positive attention for IIDA Best In Show, 2018 Monumental Honorary Award Winner for Interior Design, and several features in Contract Magazine, Office Snapshots, Pattern Magazine, and SPACES.

Is your company in a similar position? If so, ask yourself this: Should my company rebrand?

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