Welcome to The Sandbox. 

From pencil to pixels

The Sandbox is our playground where we explore new concepts, ideas, and styles through illustration. This shared space encourages iteration and innovation to further strengthen our skill set. Whether you're a potential client or fellow designer, we encourage you to dig around a bit and come back often to see new explorations.

Digital Illustration
Malomo Illustration
Cocktail Illustration
Smartphone Illustration
Toyota Forklift Illustration
The Bachelorette Illustration
Ithaca College 125th Anniversary Illustration
Toyota Tools Illustration
Yikes Illustration
B. Media House Icons
Evensong Book Cover
City Illustration
Character Illustration Set
Subway Illustration
Go Vote Illustration
Hockey Sticks Illustration
New York Building Illustration
Toy Soldiers Illustration
Christmas Illustration
Scanning Illustration
Claims Icon
Futuristic Cityscape Illustration
Coach Bowl Illustration
Technical Illustration