Enhancing the shipping experience

Client: Malomo

Malomo is a shipment marketing software that allows companies to keep customers engaged during the shipping process. To attract the attention of product marketing directors, Malomo partnered with Co-motion to create an energetic brand that would stand out in a saturated market.

Malomo Logo
Malomo Reversed Logo
Malomo Logo
Malomo Reversed Logo
The brand leverages colorful gradients, descriptive illustrations, and organic layouts to tell the Malomo story.
Malomo Company Illustrations
Malomo Illustration | Design Control
Malomo Illustration | Personalize
Malomo Illustration | Experience
Malomo Illustration | ROI
Malomo Homepage
Malomo UI/UX Design
To encourage brand consistency, a thorough brand guidelines was created for the Malomo marketing team.
Malomo Brand Guidelines | Colors
Malomo Brand Guidelines | Colorways
Malomo Brand Guidelines | Grid
Malomo Brand Guidelines | Logos
Malomo Brand Guidelines | Typography
Malomo Brand Guidelines | Brand

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