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Project Overview

Enterprise-class security and privacy

Carbide is an information security and privacy management platform that makes security and privacy accessible to fast-growing companies. When Carbide (formerly known as Securicy) changed its name, they engaged Co-motion to help them create a brand and collateral that would accelerate their growth in their market.

In addition to crafting a new brand, Co-motion worked collaboratively alongside the Carbide in-house product design team to ensure brand consistency at every level.

“Co-motion has set a new bar of quality and partnership. From the early stages of logo development to the design and project management of our new website, templates, and brand components, the level of quality, care, and thoughtfulness has been the best I’ve ever seen. I would beg them to work with me again.”

Lorita Ba

Fractional VP of Marketing



The new Carbide website features stylized product illustrations that highlight the platform, an extensive resource center where a user can browse by category or framework, and branded landing pages for future marketing needs.

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